Astrology Software

Astrology software typically calculates the positions of the planets and shows a birth chart in wheel format. Many of the best programs have interpretations and report writers built in.

Added Title and Description
2-12-2009 Astrology Software Urania -  by Bogdan Krusinski. Offers a broad range of techniques among them: astrocartography and cyclocartography.
10-2-2009 Download astrology software such as Delphic Oracle, Timaeus and Zodiacal Releasing from Zoidiasoft Technologies based upon traditional astrology.
8-31-2012 Soul Healing: This is a site maintained by Hank Friedman who has been reviewing software since the 1980's (probably over a thousand different programs by now). If you are confused, he will show you what the best programs to buy are based upon your interests.